Dan’s Bio

Dan is an Associate Pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego, CA, and resides with his wife JoAnn in Washington, D.C., where he serves as the Presiding Pastor of “The Jefferson Gathering” – a worship service held weekly in the United States Capitol exclusively for members of Congress and staff. These historic services were, after a 144-year absence, reinstated July 30, 2014, under the direction of Oversight Pastor Dr. Jim Garlow, founder, Skyline Church of San Diego, Steve Amerson and several members of Congress.

JoAnn serves as the Executive Administrator over ministry affairs.

In the past three years, over 160 different members of the House and Senate have attend these services.

In 2012, he and JoAnn originated the historic prayer event, Washington – A Man of Prayer, held annually for the past six years in Statuary Hall of the Capitol of the United States of America For the first time in over 140 years, a private citizen and Christian organization was granted permission by Speakers of the House John Boehner and Paul Ryan to conduct a prayer event for members of Congress in The Great Hall honoring President George Washington’s first inaugural and the first act of the First Congress – dedicating America to God in Divine Services in St. Paul’s Chapel.

From these two initial services the Cummins have launched other outreaches to Congress, those who work on the Hill and pastors across America.

In 2016, they organized the “Congressional-Clergy Town Hall” inviting over 300 pastors to Washington, D.C. and the US Capitol to meet with members of Congress to discuss issues regarding faith, family and freedom. This is the result of a personal request from Speaker Paul Ryan to Dan and JoAnn to invite evangelical pastors to the Capitol. Dan has worked with Ryan appointed committee in organizing these events.

From these three summits, other high-level luncheons have occurred with Speaker Ryan, his staff, congressional leadership and denominational leaders from across the nation. Major legislative topics of discussion were intercity problems, racial healing and immigration.

In September of 2016, the Cummins began serving the US Capitol Police force on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

On December 5, 2016, along with Jefferson Gathering worship pastor Steve Amerson, they produced and performed “A Capitol Hill Christmas” Christian-oriented Christmas concert in the Cannon Caucus Room. The first concert of its kind in recent history.

On May 15, 2017, Dan and JoAnn began conducting Monday Noon Bible Studies for staff on the House side of the Hill.