Posted by Dan Cummins


On Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, churchgoers by the millions will be “raptured” – gone in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. They will be missing from voting booths on the Eastern seaboard to the Pacific coast, escaping the coming political tribulation period better known as the mid-term elections.

Clergy across the country are preparing their congregants for this soon catching away. “The church has no business in politics,” asserts Archbishop Luke Warm, of St. Mattress – Church of the Inner Spring. “We believe the Bible and the Constitution clearly define the separation of church and state,” commented the Veto the Vote Campaign’s national spokesperson on MBSNU’s Rosie Maddcow show.

Veto the Vote’s message has found a comfortable seat among America’s pews. Almost 50 percent of evangelicals are not registered to vote, while 20-25 percent of those who are put nothing in the plate on Election Day. In 2012, 40 million fewer of the faithful voted – less than 10 million votes decided the presidential race. This pew-sleeping giant needs a Sunday morning wake-up call from a Republican Pied Piper.

But is there a charismatic candidate who has the ministry’s unlisted number and can dial-up enough courage among the clergy to persuade their parishioners to follow him down that pious path to those beloved polls? The GOP (God’s Only Party) has not had a Billy Sunday or a Billy Graham since The Right Reverend Ronald Reagan. Maybe it’s time for an Aimee Semple McPherson or a Kathryn Kuhlman to bring a miraculous healing to the hurting delegation.

Disturbingly, in 2012, over 6 million evangelicals pulled the lever on a Democratic ticket even after God, Who is neither Republican nor Democrat but a true Independent, was booed three times from the floor in Charlotte. These past five years have brought us the most anti-Christian, anti-church, anti-marriage, anti-life administration to date. So why hasn’t there been more recanting among the redeemed in not voting for the lesser of two evil parties?

The Obama devotees who left the fold were primarily minorities – Hispanic Catholics and black Protestants – almost 100 percent in 2008 and 2012. Which begs one to ask whether the race card was dealt from the pulpit in this high-stakes game of presidential poker. Did race trump righteousness, color win over conscience and biblical principles fold to the party line? It’s your call. With Obama’s blatant anti-Christian laundry now hanging out to dry, will it be enough for the lost sheep of the flock to see the light and flee the polling booth for the confessional booth? Don’t place your bets too fast.

Is this the crisis Obama needs to recapture the House? With all three branches of government under control of the Oval Office, his DHS, NSA, DOJ and IRS brownshirt thugs will be able to complete his fundamental transformation of America. The Anointed One is just 16 House seats and a few executive orders away from ascending his totalitarian throne. No lame-duck session in his crystal ball. Will his last days in office be his last days in power?

Not everyone agrees with Veto’s agenda. “Not to vote is to vote,” says contrarian Dr. John Marlow, voice of the Freedom in the Pulpit initiative. “If you want to be in bed with the politicians, then don’t vote – stay at home. I’m here to remind politicians of their accountability to God and His Word, not to get in bed with them.”

“Veto’s position is a self-fulfilling prophecy – not to vote is a vote for the left,” Marlow said at the Soldiers on the Wall convention last May in Washington, D.C., before a remnant of clergy who refuse to accept Veto’s offer to escape the political tribulation ahead.

Marlow encouraged pastors to follow the examples of German martyrs, pastors Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoller, who in World War II stood against Hitler’s Nazi socialist regime. “History will prove who stands on the right side of these issues,” he told the crowd of over 500 pastors.

Asked about Veto’s national billboard campaign slogan, “The Rapture – Separation of Church and State,” Marlow stated, “It’s this mentality within ecclesiastical circles that has rendered the church ineffective as the salt and light our culture so desperately needs, especially on Capitol Hill.” Marlow further said, “I read in Revelation that when Jesus returns, the kingdoms of this world become His kingdoms and He will reign with His church for a thousand years. That doesn’t sound like separation of church and state to me. I believe a big problem in the church is that our eschatology has become escape-tology. Jesus said we were to occupy till He comes.”

The outcome of November 2014 remains a mystery. One thing is certain – if America’s shepherds, who lead their 300,000 flocks, remain in a state of normalcy bias, as if they can avoid the societal storms forming on the political horizon by pretending they will somehow escape them, they are only setting themselves up for the greatest mass exodus from the church – a great falling away – as the sheep realize they have been following hirelings.

Once the storms hit – and they will – leaving behind countless destroyed lives with people salvaging through what’s left of their faith, families and religious freedoms – one wonders what the sermon topic will be the following Sunday morning. The sheep will be asking their shepherds, “Why didn’t you warn us of what was coming?”

Are the doctrines of political isolationism being preached from America’s pulpits enacting self-fulfilling prophecies and leading the church into unavoidable tribulation? The American church and her ecclesiastical leadership appear to be following in the same lockstep blindness Germany’s clergy took prior to World War II. Where are America’s Dietrich Bonhoeffers and Martin Niemollers? Where are God’s shepherds?